• Juan Karlos

Let's Hop Hop to Stronger Immunity!

Today we will talk about a simple exercise that will cause you less but will definitely give you good results over time.

For sure you are familiar with jumping rope, a tool used in the sport of skipping/jump rope where one or more participants jump over a rope swung so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. If you are targetting to strengthen your lower body and give your cardio or skeletal system a boost, this is an ideal tool for a jumping exercise.

Jumping rope is a good way to burn calories. To compare, you need to run an eight-minute mile to remove calories more than you'd burn by using a jumping rope. Simply speaking, using this tool will save you more time and requires lesser space. Plus, you can use it anywhere! Whether you're at home or at your friend's house, you can bring this tool to continue with your workout routine.

As simple as it seems, learning the right way of using jumping ropes can maximize your desired results and it can also prevent you from getting any injuries.

Here's a simple guide for beginners:

  • Keep your feet close together when jumping

  • Jump on the midsoles of your feet and land softly

  • Keep your jumping height low (½” - 1” off the ground)

  • Keep your knees slightly bent at all times

  • Maintain a tall, neutral spine

  • Keep your head up, chest up, and head looking forward

  • Keep your shoulders pulled back and your elbows held down and back

  • Keep your hands along the midline of your body (along that string)

  • Use your wrists to turn the rope (not your elbows or shoulders)

(To learn more visit https://bit.ly/3fOr4O7)

Aside from its efficiency, jumping rope has a lot of benefits. To be specific, it can help you lose weight since it makes you sweat and burn fats. Combined with a proper diet, this alone may be able to get you a healthy body.

Jumping rope also helps you improve coordination. Jumping the rope effectively increases your balance by keeping your foot oriented. If you pay attention to them, or not, the brain is conscious of what the feet are doing. Such exercise helps you "lighter" on your feet, time, and again.

If you are an athlete, this could be very helpful to you as well. This simple work out routine increases the muscle strength around the feet and your ankles. With this, future injuries could be avoided.

In addition to improved heart health and stamina, jumping rope also improves how efficiently you breathe. This becomes very beneficial when doing other activities because you won’t be as out of breath after running down the court or swimming laps in the pool. (LifeHack)

It may take months to see the results but with the easy access to this exercise and the promising results, we say it's worth the effort.

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