• Juan Karlos

Here's What Will Happen if You Take Low-Calorie Diets

A calorie is an energy unit that is widely used in nutrition. Two main definitions of carb grams are in wide use for historical reasons. The tiny calorie or gram calorie is the sum of heat energy required to lift a gram of water by one degree Celsius to the temperature. Too many calories are bad but too low can put you at risk too. Eating high calorie foods is very important especially when you are targetting to get stronger bones. By targetting means, you exercise and get active on a daily basis.

A recent study lead by the senior author Dr. Maya Styner shows that physically engaging activities combined with calorie restrictions can make the bone more fragile. The study shows that the things consumed in a calorie diet could help increase bone marrow fat which helps the quality and quantity of the bone. Thus when you are overactive but not getting the right diet needed for your bone, it slowly deteriorates and might lead to osteoporosis. (See here for a more detailed explanation of the study: https://bit.ly/2N6wNCo)

Aside from this, low-calorie diets result to low energy. Low energy means low productivity. This can also lead to slower metabolism since your body is burning fewer calories which will ultimately lead to weight gain. This is just like what we've talked about above, the unerasable relation of exercise and calorie diet.

As an overall rule, to remain safe, people require a minimum of 1,200 calories a day. People who have an exhausting fitness routine or are doing a lot of daily activities need more calories. If you've reduced your calorie intake below 1,200 calories a day, in addition to your weight-loss plans, you could be hurting your body.

In these modern times, we see a lot of people who are resolving to starve themselves to make their body fit. For a short time, it may seem to have a good result but over time our body will react negatively. The most important thing to note is what will happen inside our bodies. We need to take in mind, too many calories are bad but just like how it is explained in the studies, it is essential for our active life and should never be neglected. For a more detailed and accurate guide for your calorie intake, we suggest that you visit your doctor for some advice.

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