• Juan Karlos

Cheapest Ways to Strengthen Bones

While we are concern with our bone health, the other side of the coin says that we are also too worried about spending much on it. That alone stresses our body resulting in a gloomy mood. But the good thing is that we don’t really need to give a lot of money to prevent bone diseases. All we need is proper research and a good habit. Let’s talk about some of the cheapest ways to strengthen your bones:

1) Healthy Diet

The good thing about this one is that almost all healthy diets are cheap! You can even look around your backyard or in the neighborhood and pick some fresh fruits or green leafy vegetables. If you really need to go buy some in the market, try to add the following on your next dish: seeds (poppy, sesame, celery, and chia seeds), cheeses (most are excellent sources of calcium such as parmesan cheese), yogurt, sardines or canned salmon, beans and lentils, almonds, leafy vegetables (never forget!), tofu and milk. These examples of foods can be bought for cheap prices in the market and they are the most calcium-rich foods you can find!

2) Be Active

This is a more general term. We do not just mean to exercise (although it is one of the most important parts of it); we also mean to keep your mind and body moving as much as possible. When you go to work, you can take the stairs rather than the elevator. When you’re sitting on your chair for long hours, you can try to get up once every hour to do some stretching and light exercises. When you’re at home, try to do some house chores including cleaning the house. The bottom line of this is, avoid being lazy! The more you move, the more you exercise your bones, giving it an opportunity to grow and develop.

3) Doctor’s Appointment

We could categorize this as cheap because you can do this semi-annual or on an annual basis, which we think is probably a long time to prepare the budget. Plus this is also important and might be one of your best defenses in avoiding future diseases. Getting advice from professionals helps you build a more healthier and accurate habit. Getting checkups could also lead to finding some bone defects that you could fix before it gets worse.

Spending money is unavoidable. But if it’s for your own body, you can consider that as a good investment.

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